A Rough Start

I think God is trying to tell me something, but I'm not sure what...today has started off as follows:

-Awakened at 3:30am by the blue screen of death on my husband's brand new laptop (less than a week old). I watched the screen for a while and realized it was cycling through blue screen, dos screen with message, windows start-up...it was really strange.
-Awakened again by paw in the face to take dog out...and he didn't pee, so we came back inside.
-Awakened a final time by the dog puking. Took dog out again.
-As I was walking out the front door, I lost my footing in my heels, turned my ankle on its side and slammed my knee into the door frame. (That felt really good...I could feel the bruise forming almost instantly.)
-Stopped for breakfast on the way to work and spilled it on my shirt.

Once I got to work, I was able to wash my shirt (sort of), but now I'm camped out at my desk until it dries...otherwise, it looks like I spilled an entire cup of water down the front of my shirt.

Even with all of that, I was reminded as I entered the office door that it could be worse and all of these things are temporary. I have a beautiful, healthy daughter and a wonderful, loving husband. God gives us only what we can handle.

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Lifetime Ticket Holder to the Cheap Seats of Life said...

Reading this makes me smile...knowing how far we have come in life together. I love you. In the background is playing the Voice Of Truth......So poignant reading this and the song is playing....

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