An Outstanding Weekend

Friday was thankfully the end of a very bad work week. Nothing specific happened (I didn't lose my job or anything like that...thank goodness), but it was one of those weeks that I never want to relive.

We had a nice peaceful dinner at home on Friday, followed by family movie night. During the movie, I was able to make some enormous changes to my you can see. I'm incredibly pleased with how it turned out and very surprised at how easy it was. All thanks to Amanda and shabbyblogs. There are still a few minor changes I plan on making, but all in all, I'm thrilled.

Although we had signed Abby up for soccer this season at the Y, she hasn't seemed very engaged during the practices...which may have to do with the coaching techniques and the lack of social interaction with her teammates. Abby will continue to play at the park for fun, but she won't be participating in the organized program at the Y anymore this season. Instead, we've signed the little jumping bean up for gymnastics. She is very excited. I'm excited too. They had 2 openings left for the Saturday morning class, so it won't require late nights during the school week.

Saturday afternoon, we took Abby to the NC State campus. Mike is enrolled in classes this semester and he needed to return a course book. We spent way too long in the bookstore perusing everything (and buying stuff too). Abby is fascinated by everything NC State. I can't say that I blame her and I definitely know where she gets it from. After some fun shopping (I love end of season sales), we walked over to the C-store at Bragaw to buy something to drink and grab a snack. Abby was intrigued by everything she saw. It was fun to see how many things had changed since I lived on campus and how many things have remained the same. Mike commented that he felt old...and I reminded him of one of the freshman in my dorm in 96 (my freshman year too). He was a brainiac and attending NC State at the age of 15. I joked that he's probably almost twice the age of some of the incoming freshman this year. He didn't think that was nearly as funny as I did.

We took my parents out to dinner on Saturday night as a belated birthday celebration for my dad. He's, um, 40. Yeah, we'll go with that. For whatever reason, he detests that fact that he's, um, not actually 40. Maybe I'll understand when I get to be his age, but at the moment, I just don't get it. His father lived into his 90's. If he does the same, he's going to be 40 for a long time.

On Sunday morning, our whole family (yes, all 3 of us) were able to wake-up, eat breakfast and get ready for church before 8:30 and arrive at church on-time for early service. If you know us, you know what a challenge this was. Abby was fabulous during the service. She paid attention a good bit of the time and was peaceful and still the rest (coloring or writing in her notebook). At the end of the service, we made our intent to join the church known and we became members of Trinity Baptist Church. It was funny...I had been thinking about that through most of the service today. Apparently, Mike had too. After the worship service, we went to our Sunday School class and Abby went to her new Sunday School class, as it was promotion Sunday. I couldn't believe how much she was able to tell us when we picked her up. She explained Passover and recited her Bible verse. She was so excited. It made my heart smile. On the way home, she proclaimed that she can't wait until Wednesday when she gets to go back to church for singing. God is good.

This afternoon, I was able to do lots of things around the house...dust, laundry, clean the kitchen floors, move the shoe shelf into the bedroom closet, find homes for random things throughout the house...nothing major but all of it needed to be done.

Now, the evening is winding down and I should have been in bed over an hour ago, but I wanted to put everything into words before my head hit the pillow.

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Lifetime Ticket Holder to the Cheap Seats of Life said...

Thank you for standing by me, putting up with the first of MANY NCSU Bookstore excursions and for all you do for us. And thanks for the wonderful lunch and dinner!!! We all loved it. And most of all, thanks for your technological expertise with my getting me into my MA lectures! Two weeks down, 14 more to go in the semester!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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