It got better

I wasn't sure if my day was ever going to get better...I discovered that my current task at work is incredibly tedious and slow going (and due by Friday). Then, my dad called to tell me our plane tickets that he was exchanging from Sept to Nov can't be exchanged...because we must travel before Veteran's Day to use the credit. That means everything has to be rescheduled (again) and Abby will need to miss school.

But, all is well. I think God just wanted me to really appreciate one of the many blessings in my life for today. What, you ask? Well, Abby has been doing better with behavior at school, but seems to back slide every third or fourth day. Today was the typical backslide day. When she got off the bus, she proudly announced that she GOT A GREEN DAY! Woohoo! I'm am so happy for her and so proud of her. I know it's tough right now and she really is making the effort to improve. That's my girl.

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