Getting Back

...into the swing of things. The past couple of weeks have been somewhat challenging. As Abby started kindergarten, her behavior took a nose-dive. After the first week of school, Abby started having problems following directions and being respectful. On numerous occasions, we received a note from the teacher outlining Abby's daily trangressions. I was beginning to wonder if we had completely failed as parents...all before the age of 6.

Luckily, her teacher believes in open communication and we have a conference scheduled to talk about Abby. I think part of the problem is that she is totally bored. Hopefully, we can come up with some good ways to keep her focused.

Over the past week, I also started reading a book about personalities, Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. First, I took the test. From that, I read more information about my personality and how it interacts with other personalities. I have to admit, I was skeptical, but the personality test really pegged me dead on. I noticed she also wrote a book about parenting those same personalities. I've started reading and found that Abby and I have very, very different personalities. Some of the examples in the books are like mirror images of our family life. I'm hoping to gain some knowledge from both books that I can apply to our lives and make things go a little smoother.

Unfortunately, I had a few days to test that knowledge, as Abby got sick Sunday afternoon and has been home with a fever ever since. Other than one up-chuck incident (McDonald's fruit & yogurt parfait), the only symptoms are fever, hoarse cough and fatigue. The doctor indicated it was a virus and should end by today...she still had a slight fever this morning, but by lunch she was cool as a cucumber. We're praying she is healed soon, as she's not very happy about missing 3 days of school.

After missing work for 2 days, I felt a little lost when I got back into the office this morning. I received a new laptop last Friday (woohoo!). The problem - most of my settings were lost and I needed to reset everything. Sounds easy, but it's very time consuming. Plus, when you are used to things, you get frustrated really quickly when everything is out of my shortcut buttons, macros, etc.

With all of that going on, the best news is that our family has finally found a new church home. We've been prayfully searching for a while, looking for a church that fits into what we were seeking. Hard to explain...but you know it when you see it/experience it. We're all very excited about this new chapter in our lives as Christians. I'm especially excited about the opportunities to attend Bible studies on a regular basis as a family.

***I actually started this post on Wednesday, but my laptop froze and things got hectic, so I didn't complete until Thursday morning. UPDATE - Abby's fever is g-o-n-e and she's going back to school today. God is good.***

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Lifetime Ticket Holder to the Cheap Seats of Life said...

I LOVE YOU! She is trying, but at least we learned a lot today at the conference.

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