As humans continued to walk the earth

**This post is meant for entertainment and venting...not religious speculation.**

As necessary, God created additional humans to walk the earth. To ease the process, because God is efficient, He developed a method. Once the bodies were created, God directed them to choose one of four lines to receive their intelligence - Book Smarts, Common Sense, Both and Neither.

Neither was closest and many of the humans stopped there, too lazy to continue.

Common Sense was next closest. Some people stopped here, believing it was better than the first option and disliking the idea of uncertainty if they continued.

Next came Both...far fewer people gathered in this line because they couldn't understand the definition of Both and they continued to follow those ahead of them.

Finally, Book Smarts was the last line. A few people stopped here. Of the ones who didn't, they continued walking and are still wandering around today...which explains a lot.

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