A Whole New World

It's official...or it will be in about 2 hours...Abby is in kindergarten.

Over the weekend, she successfully lobbied for 2 new outfits to start school - one for today (her staggered entry day of testing) and one for next Tuesday (the first day the entire class will be at school). Crafty little thing, isn't she?

All the supplies have been purchased, including a few extras because they always need glue sticks and kleenex. I placed Abby's clothes (new, of course) at the foot of the bed while she was still sleeping.

I wish I could be at the house as she gets ready this morning, but I'll be meeting her (with Mike) at the school before she goes to her classroom this morning. As I left for work, I roused her just enough so she was aware of me leaving, but I let her fall back asleep so she could get all of her rest...I think she'll need it.

This afternoon, I'll be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the school bus, probably checking the clock every 30 seconds, wondering when she'll be home. She's in for a really exciting day today and I couldn't be a prouder momma.

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