Good Medicine

Abby's "real" first day of school is today...the one where all of her classmates will be there. No more evaluations. She was very excited this morning. As she was eating breakfast, I tried to make sure that everything she needed was packed in her backpack. I explained her snack foods in her lunchbox (morning - yogurt, afternoon - orange slices). I reminded her to put her change of clothes in her cubby at know, mom stuff.

As I took the dog out before leaving, I put on my Croc flip-flops. Once everyone was ready to leave, I crated Buck (our newest family member - more on that later), grabbed my stuff and headed out the door. Outside, I gave Abby a hug and kiss and she loaded into Mike's car and they headed off into the wild, blue yonder. Alright, maybe that's a little over-dramatic.

Anyway, I was halfway out of our neighborhood when I realized...I still had my Crocs on! U-turn and quick drive back home, laughing all the way. Laughter really is good medicine.

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mell said...

that's when you start keeping your work-shoes in the car. :)

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