Education Frustration

Well, Abby will end her second week of school today and it hasn't been the enjoyable experience I think all of us had hoped for.

Mike and I have noticed that her behavior has become more, um, defiant in the past couple of weeks. Really defiant. We expected an adjustment period, but we're not sure this is merely adjustment. Abby continues to express that she is bored at school because they are doing things she already knows. Inwardly, I think to myself, "And it's probably going to be that way for a long, long time." It sounds bad, but I know what she's going through. I went through that in school too.

In addition, she hasn't had any homework. Many of you will laugh at that, I know. If I heard someone else say it, I would probably laugh too. But, for Abby, homework is something she wants to do. She wants the chance to do something new, different, better...whatever. Each afternoon, she's almost sad when she gets off the bus because she looked forward to school and ended up being disappointed. My heart breaks a little every time.

A number of Abby's preschool teachers suggested that we consider having her tested to start school early. Both of us agreed that wouldn't be the right choice for her. And, honestly, I don't deviate from that now. I don't think she would have been socially ready to start kindergarten a year ago. Unfortunately, socially and academically are two different things.

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for August. We'd like to give it a couple more weeks to see if things improve (give the teacher a chance). To be honest, I really like Abby's teacher based on the interactions that we've had so far. I trust her and think she is a good teacher. I think it's just difficult for Abby to understand that her other friends may not know x, y, z so the teacher has to teach them before moving on to something else. Honestly, that's hard to accept as an adult, let alone at age five.

Mike and I are praying for the Lord's guidance on how to meet Abby's emotionally, academically and socially. We don't want to hold her back, but we also don't want to push too hard. I wish there was a guide to this parenting thing!


jennynaree said...

You may be able to talk to the teacher and get her some activity books to do home work.

That helped some friends of ours. You can give the teacher the book and have her assign just Abby some homework each night.

She is such a little smarty and so adorable. Good luck! :)

Leslie Jackson said...

I went through the same thing last year. I had Chasity reading a little bit before she started Kindergarten. I know that it's frustrating.

The thing that helped us was that after the first 5 weeks, they started homework. The first 4-5 weeks of K are hard because some of these kids have been home with mommy/nana/auntie for 5 years. So they don't know what to do with other kids around.

The first few weeks are rules.... literally, and learning how to function at school. A good bit of it is learning the school grounds also.

So hang in there... it does get better. PLUS... you can always keep her reading and doing stuff at home. (Those workbooks from the education stores are awesome!) I had to do that so that Chas wouldn't get bored.

Now our problem is that she's reading on almost a 2nd grade level and going into the 1st grade! lol BUT.... that's just life! :)

Good luck!

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