A Busy Saturday

For a little change of pace this weekend, Abby and I enjoyed a 'Mommy-Daughter' morning on Saturday.

Shortly after 8am, we arrived at Super Target. I would highly recommend shopping at this time on Saturday mornings...we were one of only 12-15 cars in the parking lot. It was awesome. After our grocery trip (completed in less than 45 minutes...an amazing thing with a 5-year-old), we headed home to drop everything off.

Off again, we headed toward Ridgewood Shopping Center (corner of Ridge Rd and Wade Ave). Silly me, I took the Beltline and realized shortly after Wake Forest Rd --> Bad Idea! The repaving project for the Beltline was in full swing and everything narrowed to a single lane before Glenwood. I decided to exit at Ridge Rd instead of Wade Ave and we took the scenic route. Abby had no idea where we were going and she was peppering me with constant questions. When we did arrive, she saw a bike shop to the left and a nail salon straight ahead. She looked toward the bike shop and I just said, "No." Looking around a little more, she started giggling at the nail salon. "Are we getting our nails done?" We headed inside.

Mike bought me a gift certificate for Christmas...enough to cover a manicure and a pedicure. I've never had a pedicure in my life. Yes, really. To let Abby feel included, I asked them to paint her nails while I enjoyed a pedicure. She was a doll while they painted her nails and got slightly impatient as we waited for my pampering to end. I really enjoyed the pedicure and I know I will be back. Abby LOVED her nails. Ms. Tracy even painted flowers on her thumbs.

Back in the car for a mad dash home. At home, everyone took showers and got dressed for yet another outing. After a super-quick lunch, we hopped back in the car as a family (Mike had returned from a morning fishing excursion) and we headed to Raleigh Little Theater...the final of Abby's surprises for the day. We took her to see Charlotte's Web. Everyone in the production were teenagers. Abby was in awe and really enjoyed herself. Immediately, she asked when we could come back. I believe we'll be enjoying Snoopy and a few other shows throughout the next year.

After the show, Abby fell asleep in the car...she'd had an exciting day. We took the chance to drive to the Farmers Market and buy some fresh peaches...for a homemade peach pie on Sunday. Later, we enjoyed lunch at High Park near Five Points. It was a little smokey, but the food was awesome. Next time, I think we'll just order take-out.

Back at home, we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I'm re-watching all of the movies while Mike watches them for the first time before we see The Half Blood Prince.

Wow...it was a busy but fun Saturday.

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