And We Laughed

Most of the day, I was wondering how Abby was doing. Did she enjoy all of her new experiences?

I left work yesterday and drove straight home to meet the princess at her bus stop. Luckily, her stop is only about 5 houses down from ours, at the nearest street corner. We had explained that to her a few weeks ago and Mike gave her a refresher yesterday morning on the way to school. Along with a few rules for the bus - no standing, no yelling, etc.

I didn't expect the bus to be on-time...not on the first day of school. I took a folding chair to the corner and sat reading a book for about 40 minutes before the bus arrived. I walked over to meet Abby at the door. She was all grins, stopping to wave to the bus driver before departing.

I noticed her bright orange "bus nametag" listing her school, her name and her address. School, check. Name, check. Address, wrong. Apparently, they hadn't updated our address back in March for the bus list. I asked Abby about it and she said that she knew it wasn't right because the numbers were wrong. She told the bus driver the address was wrong. He asked if she knew where she lived and she told him:
1) she knew her address
2) she knew her bus stop
3) she was on the right bus

When they neared her bus stop, she also told him that her mom will be waiting for her at the corner (and I was). I noticed that she was the last kid on the bus. She said there were only 3 kids in her neighborhood (at least on the first day of school). I told her that would probably change in the next couple of weeks.

At home, I did make a call to the school to ask them to update the information so she isn't sent home with the wrong address again.

When Mike got home from work, we played 20 questions with Abby. A quick run-down:
-She knew her alphabet and read a book to her teachers, only missing the word "said," but she remembers how to spell that now.
-She counted to 130, but they only needed her to count to 30.
-She knew all of her colors and shapes.
-She went to the library and learned how to check-out a book at school.
-She went to PE class and did cartwheels and handstands.
-She played on the playground until her teacher blew the whistle.
-She had pizza for lunch with pineapple, green beans and chocolate milk - all by herself
-They made her wake-up from nap too early!

Abby seemed to have a fabulous first day of school and she's very ready for next Tuesday when she gets to meet all of her new friends.

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