And We Cried

So, I didn't think I would actually cry this morning when we dropped Abby off for her first day of school. No kidding, I thought I'd feel sentimental, but no tears.

I was ok until Abby pulled a note out of her backpack that I had written to her this morning. (I placed it with her snack...thinking she would find it sometime during the school day.) As she started reading it aloud, the tears began. I was amazed at how grown up she is - for just five. I was in awe of her abilities - compassion, kindness, intelligence, etc.

"Abby, Good luck in your first day of school. I am so proud of you and I love you very much. See you at the bus stop. Love, Mom."

When she finished reading it aloud, it struck me. I had written the note, but didn't really think about the words. I expected that she would ask the teacher a few of the words or just wait until she got home to ask me to read it for her. Nope. Instead, she only asked for help with first and made it through the entire note without any other assistance. If that isn't a reminder to us that she is ready for kindergarten, I don't know what is.

Once we arrived at school, Abby was quick to recall her room number and basically led the way, new outfit, new shoes, backpack and all. In her room, she quickly greeted her teacher and hugged us goodbye.

Dad got the first hug, 'cause Dad always gets the first hug. He's cool like that. I waited, because I didn't want to rush that sweet moment. Abby has been a Daddy's Girl since the moment she was born. Mike has wrapped around her finger that long too. I knew this morning was tough for him and I wanted him to get all the hugs he could before he let go.

Abby gave me a quick hug (I'm pretty sure I held on longer than she did) and she was off to experience her new world.

I can't wait to hear all about her first day of school. Well, at least until next Tuesday...Abby is very aware that today is just testing (evaluations) and touring the school. Next Tuesday, all of her class will begin attending...and she considers that the REAL FIRST DAY!

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Lifetime Ticket Holder to the Cheap Seats of Life said...

I cannot wait to hear how it went too! I am sure if that bus is late....well, let's pray for the driver! Love you!

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