A Sad Loss - A Godly Lesson

As many of you know, we recently adopted a dog from the local animal shelter - Lou. Lou is a basset hound mix and very cute. He also seems to have a wonderful disposition. Everything was going really well the first week after we brought him home. We took him to the vet for an initial check-up and they found a few minor things but nothing that couldn't easily be handled.

Then, the weekend came. Lou has been very sick over the past few days and it looks like he was actually much sicker than anyone realized. Indeed, his illness may even endanger his humans as well as other dogs.

I honestly believe the events of the past few days have been an eye-opening experience for me. I finally have a complete understanding of why God put the husband as the head of the household and made him first among equals. The tough decisions that have been made recently were just that, tough. Mike was forced to make decisions that impacted his entire family (human and furry). He took his responsibility seriously and made the best decision for his family. Honestly, I'm not sure I could have done that...because my decision would have been quite selfish and self-serving.

I am more thankful now, than ever, for the wonderful husband the Lord has blessed me with. We've had our ups and enjoyed them heartily. We've had our downs and refused to give up. We found each other twice, which is something most people could never say. Our love for each other is unfailing and that is because of God.

Lord, you are the great healer and the loving redeemer. Help me to know the plans You have for me.

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