A New Journey

When it was time to get moving this morning, Abby was very excited. Today was her first day of summer camp - ever! She's been in daycare and preschool, but never summer camp.

She was glad to help make her lunch and put it in her new lunchbox, get her things together and do anything else necessary to start the day. (I hope school mornings will be this smooth).

Mike and I dropped her off at camp and she was ready. Being the outgoing child that she is, she immediately started making friends and chatting up anyone who would listen. That's my girl!

I can't wait to talk to her this afternoon and find out about all the new adventures...and tell her about the activities that are scheduled - pool, museum, chuck e cheese, movie theater...makes me wish I could go to summer camp (all except chuck e cheese).

Only three weeks of camp before school starts. Hard to believe.

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