Countdown - 2, 3, 5

Yes, I know how to count, but there are so many things to countdown right now...

Abby will be graduating from preschool in 2 days. I can't decide how I feel about it. Proud that she's a bright girl with anything within her reach. Sad that she isn't a 'little' girl anymore. Rich when we stop making those darned tuition payments. Anxious as she prepares her duet performace for the graduation ceremony.

Another 2 is the number of weeks remaining at preschool. Yes, I know, graduation is this Thursday, but she will continue attending until June 12. Summer camp options are really limited in the Raleigh area for 5 year olds before June 15.

3 will be the number of weeks she gets to enjoy Summer Camp. She hasn't decided if she likes the idea or not. It will be a completely new experience for her, but one that I'm sure she will enjoy. Knowing what we know now...about Wake County schools and summer program scheduling...I hope to send her on exciting adventures each summer to give her a chance to experience new things.

5 - a BIG five. Five weeks until she starts kindergarten. She is so excited. She can't wait to meet all of her new friends and show her teacher everything she knows. She's really looking forward to riding the bus home everyday and eating in the cafeteria.

Of everything, I'm most looking forward to a schedule. One that isn't constantly disrupted, waiting for track assignments, work schedule changes, bus schedules, etc. I consider myself pretty flexible, but it will be nice to get into a solid routine again.

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