Tornado "Drill"

Growing up in the midwest, I've never taken tornadoes for granted. I vividly remember numberous treks to a safe place in elementary school for real tornadoes, not mere drills.

Last night, Abby had her first experience with a tornado "drill."

I'm thankful Mike texted me as he was leaving the office, suggesting that we go home instead of venturing to the Y. He had the luxury of to see what was coming.

Shortly after sitting down for dinner, the weather took a turn for the worse near our house. Abby was glued to the TV as we ate, asking where things were on the map. At first, she was scared, but we explained that if the weather got too bad, we would camp-out under the stairs on blankets and pillows. (There is a small storage room under the stairs...perfect for bad weather.) Every few minutes, Mike or I would step outside to get a better idea. At one point, I was able to see clouds moving in different directions very nearby and we decided to take cover.

Abby was prepared with a snuggly and she wasn't afraid at all. I was very proud of her. Luckily, the rotation stayed above the ground and no tornadoes touched down near our house, but it was definitely a little scary. Once the danger was over, we talked to Abby a little more about tornadoes...stay away from windows, where you should go (at home, at school, etc.). In all, I think it was a good (and safe) learning experience.

The forecast for tonight is similar to yesterday. We won't be home, so I'm hoping this evening is uneventful.

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