A Healthy Change

In an effort to eat healthier and spend less, we have made some changes. They haven't been difficult and our entire family has benefitted from the simple changes.

1) Plan meals prior to grocery shopping.
I know, that seems so, "Duh!" but we had a bad habit of unrealistic planning...at the end of the week, we'd have stuff leftover, food that went bad, etc. and we'd spent extra money on shortcuts (Chick-fil-a, Papa John's, etc.) We've tried to focus on practical meal planning that fits into our schedules. By doing so, we've already cut our grocery bill a noticable amount AND we aren't eating out as much. An added bonus is a peaceful meal-time where everyone seems to enjoy their meal.

2) Prepare in advance
I was intrigued by the OAMC (once-a-month cooking) concept. It seemed very logical. But, we have very little freezer space and it takes time to find recipes that your family enjoys AND you are willing to make in bulk. For now, we continue to try new recipes that lend themselves to freezing (or at least partial freezing). When we discover something good, I make a note to make double or triple the recipe the next time and I freeze the extra portions.

3) Scratch
I've never doubted that I could make things from scratch, but it always seemed easier to just buy a box mix or something that was already made. Lately, I've taken to baking fruit/veggie muffins each week for us to enjoy at breakfast. Instead of buying a mix, I make them from scratch. The recipe allows for a variety of fruit and veggies (mix and match), so we aren't bored with the same thing every week. I feel good knowing what's in the muffin and knowing that we're getting additional fruits and veggies, because every little bit counts.

Healthy habits can't be formed overnight, but they can be formed. I'm anxious to see what other ideas we can incorporate into our daily routines.

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