Where's the Fire???

This is for everyone stuck in traffic this morning on the Outer Beltline around 7am.

I was running slightly behind this morning, but I knew I had enough time to make it to work without actually being late. As I arrived at the Beltline, I heard a blurb on the radio about an accident on the Inner Beltline - whew! That shouldn't affect me.

Smooth sailing until Capital Blvd...then nothing but tailights, a lot of bright red tailights. I was already between Capital and Wake Forest, so there weren't any available escape routes. All three lanes seemed to be equally backed up, so all I could do was stay with the slow flow of traffic.

At one point, a State Trooper flew past everyone on the left shoulder. Alright, that must mean an accident or something. As traffic continued to crawl, I noticed a few flares on the left shoulder near the Six Forks exit. The strange part - traffic started to pick up again as we passed the flares. As we passed Six Forks, traffic was able to return to normal...so where's the fire?

I'm glad it didn't appear anyone was injured (I later heard it was a disabled vehicle), but shouldn't they remove the flares once the obstruction has been cleared? Those stupid flares were slowing down traffic for miles...and there wasn't a need for them any longer.

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