A Week Awash

So, I've already decided to mark this week down as awash in the annals of history, at least for me personally.

On Sunday, Mike and I helped my parents relocate some items from storage to their house. I learned, yet again, that my parents are pack-rats and need to learn to let go. I also learned that my dad packs too much (heavy) stuff into a single box. Since the pollen was out in full force, we found ourselves paying for our good deed into the evening and the next day.

On Monday, Abby complained of a headache. She made it through school that day and ended up getting sick while we were running an errand that afternoon. Sadly, my first thought after making sure she was ok was, "Whew. Glad that didn't happen in my car!" She ate red jello at snack that afternoon...you figure it out.

On Tuesday morning, I took Abby to the doctor for a strep test. She seems to be really prone to strep and I'd prefer to start the meds as soon as possible. Thankfully, the test was negative and she was diagnosed with a virus. Since I was already out of work for the day, I decided to schedule an appointment with my doctor to address the sinus infection that was taking residence in my head. After all of the doctor's visits, I decided to run a number of errands since Abby was feeling fine and I had things that needed to be done (School, DMV, bank, etc). Places that aren't usually open on the weekends or after work.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up knowing the sinus infection had not only taken residence, but had mounted an attempt to kick my behind. I ended up taking Abby to school a little later on in the morning and I spent the remainder of the day resting. By the time I went to bed, I knew that Thursday wasn't going to provide much improvement but that I would be able to suffer at work.

Now it's Thursday and I'm desperately hoping the end of the day will come soon. Healthwise, I feel miserable. Mentally, I'm exhausted. Whenever I get sick, I realize how much stuff I really have to do...and how I can't possibly get all of it done. I'm glad it's already Thursday and I only have one more workday this week. If I can just make it until Friday afternoon, I can try to get some rest this weekend.

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mell said...

I really hope you get to feeling better soon.

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