A New Raleigh Strip Club

I don't think of myself as closed-minded or terribly conservative, but I wasn't pleased to read recent article on WRAL.com reporting on the newest strip club in the Raleigh area...or what will be the newest strip club once the facility is built.

Typically, I cringe on a daily basis as I drive past two adult media stores between my office and Abby's preschool. It's sad to see how many people frequent those stores at all hours of the day.

Of course, I drive past Thee Doll House (or whatever they changed the name to) anytime I'm on the Beltline near my house. I guess morthwest Raleigh will now have it's own doll house now.

I remember the rumors in high school about students (and former students) making money at various establishments near Charlotte. As a parent, the thought of that frightens me.

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