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Just a few things...

1 - Yep, I voted for her. I'm still not convinced she wasn't the best choice, although I'm not thrilled about how things are going right now. My husband is a state employee and I'm keeping my eye on the news (and the information that isn't being covered by the media). The economy isn't her fault and she's trying to do the best she can with what she has available. I'll reserve my judgement for a little later - but I think furloughs are a bad choice.

2 - I've lived in NC through a number of governors and no one has been so badly depicted in pictures by the news media the good old Bev. Haven't you noticed that nearly every media article (online or in print) is accompanied by a very unflattering picture of Ms. Perdue? It's not that there aren't more visually pleasing photos available. I really think the media is getting their dig in to show they really aren't that pleased with her.

3 - Education - regardless of how you may have felt about Easley and Hunt, they did remarkable things for our education system. I hope Bev doesn't undo everything in an effort to balance a budget that has more holes that a sieve.

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Fanzalive said...

very True!

I have more of a problem with Raleigh raising water rates. Their reasoning is insane!!! Rates are goign up because "residents have adapted the water conservation measures required from last year thus cutting the city's revenue" Thier solution, raise water rates.

So residents are penalized for conserving!!!

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