A Full Weekend Ahead

So, it's Thursday and I am so thankful for that. This week seems to be dragging by, probably because I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I had hoped to.

I'm looking forward to getting a lot completed this weekend, hopefully unpacking most of the boxes and relocating things to their proper home within the house. Mike will be working on Saturday morning, so Abby and I will be spending some girl time together. Nothing says girl time better than unpacking, right?!?!

Once Mike is finished, the family will be heading to the C3 Raleigh Block Party. It will be a surprise for Abby, but Mike and I are definitely looking forward to the fun and fellowship. On Saturday evening, we plan on attending church at C3's Clayton campus. I'm looking forward to returning there (and I actually think all of us are looking forward to it).

Sunday will be jam-packed with unpacking, unpacking, unpacking. Maybe we can get through everything this weekend (I'm an optimist, ok?). Hopefully, we can also get our washer and dryer installed and I can wash the mountains of clothes. Otherwise, I'll be heading to my parents' house a few days next week to wash clothes.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there, we'll be doing the usual things - grocery store, Target, gas station, etc. By Monday morning, I'll be wondering where the time went and why I don't feel rested.

Thank goodness next Friday is a holiday!

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