Brand Loyalty

What makes us loyal to a specific brand? This question crossed my mind last night as I was brushing my teeth.

From the first time my teeth were ever brushed, my mom used Crest. For 30 years, I've been a 'Crest Kid.' For whatever reason, I have never strayed from the brand, but I have tried differing varieties. I've even been raising Abby as a 'Crest Kid.'

Not sure why, but recently, I've tried Mike's toothpaste - Aquafresh. It's right there on the counter and I don't have to fiddle in the drawer to use it. Yes, I am that lazy. Anyway, I have noticed that my mouth actually feels a lot cleaner after using his toothpaste and I don't have that icky toothpasty taste in my mouth afterwards. It made me wonder why I had never tried anything but Crest.

That got me thinking...what other products have my brand loyalty? Laundry detergent - I had been. When I branched out, I found that my loyalty was correctly aligned in the first place, and we're back to using Tide. Same goes for fabric softener - Downy all the way. But, I know there are other areas where I have branched out and found good results - dishwasher detergent, kitchen cleaner, hair products, toilet paper, paper towels.

Funny how we're willing to try new things, but only sometimes. Makes you wonder if you are being loyal in other areas of your life just because it's easy or you don't know anything different. Challenge - try something new (make a new friends, try a new food, visit a new place). Branch out!

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