All 10

Whenever you are faced with the challenge of making do without ___ [insert anything here], you come to appreciate it more.

On Sunday evening, I sliced open the tip of my middle finger (left hand) with a potato peeler. It hurt like a )*#&%^ and bled like crazy. Once the bleeding was under control, I decided to let it heal without intervention from stitches or medical care. It probably could have used a stitch or two, but I had no interest in hanging out at WakeMed for hours on a Sunday night.

Luckily, it's healing well, but it sure is hard to do the simplest of tasks (like typing) without a fingertip. It's definitely easier to have all 10 finger (and their tips) fully functional.

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mell said...

I inserted "my knee". I can't remember how many times I would enviously watch people walk by me, knowing that they didn't give a second though to the movement of their legs.

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