Lost Sheep

I'm beginning to wonder if our family should seek out another church. Although I love everything our current church has to offer, I've noticed that I haven't been really 'getting' much out of the recent sermons or from my Sunday School class.

At first, I thought it was just a lack of focus on my part. Honestly, life has been full of new things recently and I convinced myself that I was just missing the messages.

But, it's been a little while now and I feel like I'm getting less out if it each week. I've really enjoyed being part of our church family and I don't think I could have survived the last few years without it. But, I'm starting to think that maybe we need to find a church that more closely meets our family's current needs.

I'd been putting a lot of thought into it, only to come out of it with more questions. I finally decided to tell Mike how I felt and ask him what his true feelings were about it.

I think we both realized that we almost feel obligated to attend our current church because they have been so helpful and supportive for us. Talking through that made me realize that we shouldn't be attending a specific church because we feel obligated to. Instead, we should be attending a specific church because we feel led to.

Lord, lead us in the right direction to serve you.

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jennynaree said...

This has been the hardest journey ever for me, because I was never a religious person. And I think you are right, God leads you and will help you find the place you are meant to be. Take this time to visit some new places and see where God leads you. I know I was amazed and new right away when I had found my place. Good luck :)

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