A Long Weekend

My weekend started around 9:30 on Friday morning. After leaving work early, I met up with Mike and we officially started our move.

It rained off and on Friday afternoon with downpours at times. All in all, the two of us did fairly well to get most things moved (leaving the heavy stuff for Saturday).

We awoke early Saturday to finish a few minor things before meetings some friends to help us with the remaining furniture. It took less than 90 minutes to get the furniture loaded and unloaded. A few friends stayed behind and helped us load items at my parents' house too. Anyone who knows how I drive (how fast I drive) would be impressed. I drove from Duraleigh/Glenwood to New Hope/Skycrest at 25-30 miles per hour...two times! I didn't want to drive to fast with everything in the back of the truck. Our reward was lunch at Milton's - yum.

Mike and I headed back to my parents' for a few smaller items and the bottom fell out. It started pouring rain. We quickly loaded what we could and headed home. It didn't really stop raining at our house until late Saturday night. Instead of trying to dodge the weather, we decided to head to the grocery store instead. It was nice shopping at Super Target when it wasn't busy.

On Sunday, we did some cleaning and unpacking, and continued to gather some small items from the old place. After lunch, we met Mike's parents and picked Abby up from her weekend at the beach. She had a wonderful time and really enjoyed celebrating her belated birthday with them. In true grandparent fashion, they bought her a bag of Skittles at the rest area...so she was able to sugar-up on our car ride home.

I was able to cook dinner in our new home on Sunday evening, even though it took a while to find everything I needed. We still have a ton of boxes in the garage, but my goal is to unpack 3-5 a day until they are all gone.

Now that all of the furniture is in place, I'm amazed at how large our new home really is. I knew it was big, but not THAT big. It's nice to have room to move around. Abby has plenty of room to play in her room and open area in the living room too.

I'm looking forward to enjoying the long Easter weekend in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, everything will be in it's place by then.

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Lifetime Ticket Holder to the Cheap Seats of Life said...

Thank you for providing a loving and nurturing home for us as a family. I LOVE YOU!!

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