Hot and Cold

I've lived in different regions of the country (South, Southeast and Midwest). I have enjoyed each place for different reasons...and found things I disliked in area as well.

This season has been one of the strangest I can remember...of anywhere. We started off with snow before Thanksgiving, only to have unusual warm-ups later on. Again, more snow and then warm temperatures. It was over 80 this week and it's getting back down into the 30's in the next week.

I have never complained about snow. I love snow and I'm always willing to enjoy my fair share. But, after the wild weather this season, I actually found myself wishing for warm weather. I've never particularly enjoyed warm weather in the past, but 70s followed by teens is just ridiculous.

At least in July, when we have a 2 week heatwave of 100+ temperatures, I can look back to this blog and see why...I wished for warmer weather!

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