A Home

As a kid, our family moved fairly often...for job promotions, job transfers or simply because my parents preferred a different location. Either way, I was used to moving from an early age and never really gave it much thought.

By the end of March, I will have lived in 4 places since September 2008. I am officially tired of moving. I'm tired of looking at boxes and packing paper. I'm tired of trying to figure out where furniture will go. I'm tired of planning. I just want to wake up one morning and notice that elves came in the night...packed everything, moved everthing, unpacked everything and arranged everything.

Of course, I know I shouldn't be complaining. I should be very thankful that God has provided for us to move to a larger home for our family. And, I am thankful, but I tend to get caught up in all the other stuff.

Lord, please help me to look past all the little things and be thankful for all the big things You do for us.

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Lifetime Ticket Holder to the Cheap Seats of Life said...

We are gonna be fine. Hey, some elf helped the other day!!

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