Asleep on the Job

A recent Raleigh News and Observer article details a former state employee's attempt to get her job back after being fired for sleeping on the job. When I came across the headline, I couldn't resist reading.

I think she needs to get a grip. I have sleep apnea, but I have never used it as an excuse at work. Come on! I'm proud of SEANC for reviewing the facts and not siding with the former employee and I hope she doesn't get her job back. If she wants another job, file an application and start sending out resumes. If you haven't noticed, times are tough for everyone.

Of course, if she does get her job back, maybe I should consider working for the state again. I mean, if I can sleep on the job, it would give me a lot more time to do things at home with and for my family. For some reason, Farm Bureau frowns on sleeping during office hours. Go figure.


mell said...

doesn't she know NOT to doze with her head hanging backwards? it's less of a give-away if you prop your head on your hand, as though examining something intently on your computer monitor.

Leslie Jackson said...

She should have held a pin in her hand and been "looking" down at some papers. Then she could have snoozed for just a little bit before anyone catching on....unless she snores of course!

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