They Grow Up So Fast

Last Thursday, Mike and I registered Abby for kindergarten. One part of me was excited for her and the new adventures she will experience. The other part of me was sad because my little girl is growing up.

I can remember when she was just a baby and thinking about how far away school would be. Each year passed and I still had that, "It's still a year or more away." This year, I can't say that. Abby will be starting school as soon as July 6 or as late as July 27, depending on her track assignment for year-round school.

Of course, she is thrilled. She can't wait to go to big girl school, ride the bus and eat in the cafeteria. She's slowly beginning to understand that she might not be in a class next year with any of her friends from preschool, but she'll be able to see them at lunch and recess. I'm not worried about that...since she makes friends so easily.

Her 5th birthday is 3 weeks from today. Amazing, absolutely amazing.


Lifetime Ticket Holder to the Cheap Seats of Life said...

Our little girl is growing up so fast....yet she is the one it seems to be teaching you and I so much!!! I love you!!!

mell said...

I can't believe she's going to be FIVE in a few short weeks!!!

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