Unbeknownst to me, many of my friends and family have always considered me to be a forgiving person. I have never considered myself to be forgiving, but I guess I never really gave the whole idea much thought.

Recently, I have felt the Lord providing gentle confirmations that forgiveness is a good quality and it is ok to forgive, even when others disagree with the forgiveness you have shown to someone else. I'm also reminded that everyone doesn't have the same 'forgiveness level.' It's helping me to realize why I have seen many of my friends (and family) as negative and mean-spirited at times. Even though I don't have the quality of godly forgiveness, at times I can forgive more readily than others.

In the past, that has made me wonder why so many people are so mean-spirited, but now I know they really aren't (at least not all of them). Instead, they just find it harder to forgive the transgressions of others against them (or their loved ones). As I'm realizing this, it makes my heart hurt for the times I have been less receptive to the thoughts and feelings of people who are struggling with forgiveness. It also makes me reconsider my approach to those who I am seeking forgiveness from. God answers our prayers in His time, not ours. God also answers our prayers in step with His will.

Lord, give me the strength and patience to seek the forgiveness of others in Your time, not mine.

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