Water, Water Everywhere

Last year, one of my goals was to live a healthier life. All in all, I think I achieved that goal. For 2009, I'd like to be even healthier than I was in 2008.

Drinking enough water has always been a challenge for me. At home, I usually forget to drink much of anything on the weekends. Most of my liquid intake on the weekend occurs at meals and I don't stop to think about drinking some water at 2pm on Sunday.

At work, I would drink water throughout the day, but I was lazy about refilling my cup when it was empty. It's not that the water fountain is far away, but it just wasn't convenient enough for me. It also didn't help that the water at work could be described as, "Ew! Gross! It's a weird color."

To resolve the laziness issue, I decided to purchase a filtered water pitcher for my desk. I've only had it at my desk for about a week now, but it seems to be a wise purchase. I have been drinking more water and it doesn't leave that metallic/dirt taste in my mouth. Not sure what I can do about drinking more water at home...other than sending myself reminder text messages throughout the day. I'd probably start ignoring those too.

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