Snow Days

I was so happy that Abby could experience a good snow...until I finally arrived back at work mid-morning on Thursday, my vacation time exhausted.

Abby awoke on Tuesday morning, immediately running to the window for a quick peak. "Wholly Kamolly! Look at all the snow." She was beside herself. She wanted to play outside immediately and reminded us that she didn't have a sled. (Note - buy a sled for the next prepared for a few years in advance if need be.) We were able to convince her to remain indoors until around 11am. She couldn't understand why I insisted that she wear 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants, a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, a coat, a hat, gloves and mittens. When she got outside and starting playing, she had a revelation. Snow is very, very cold and very, very wet.

She tried making snowballs, but we rarely get that kind of snow in NC. She ran up and down the street with me and enjoyed throwing handfuls of snow at her parents. She took great pride in measuring the snow with her ruler. Right before heading back inside, she made her first snow angel. It was an adorable sight. We took pictures (of course).

Tuesday was fun. My office didn't delay, but they ended up closing early (at 3pm). I knew I would be home with Abby on Tuesday because Wake County announced the cancellation on Monday night. Mike anticipated going to work because of his position with the State. They don't really get a reprieve for inclement weather. He planned on arriving at work around 8am. The roads had gotten much worse between 6:30am and 7:30am. By that time, he couldn't get out of our neighborhood (curvy hills). Of course, schools were closed again Wednesday. Mike was able to make it out of the neighborhood, but I was home again with Abby (vacation ticking away). Thursday, Wake County delayed 2 hours. Since her preschool follows the Wake County schedule, I was able to make it into work around 9am on Thursday.

I have decided that I will figure out an arrangement to handle inclement weather in the future. My first choice is to find a friend of Abby's whose parent is a teacher in Wake County. Maybe I could offer to pay them to watch Abby when school is closed for inclement weather.

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