New Year's Resolutions

I make them every year and I fail at sticking to them every year. This year will be different. I'm not making a 'New Year's Resolution,' I'm making 'New Me Resolutions.' I'm choosing a few things that I want to do for myself. I'm not even starting them on New Year's. Instead, I'll start them on January 5th.

1 - Healthier Lifestyle (not lose __ pounds or wear a size _ ) - just making better choices
2 - Take care of you - remembering stop and take time for myself without having to be reminded
3 - Prioritize - stop trying to everything and be everything for everyone; family comes first
4 - Worry Less - God is in control and He doesn't do things in our time or based on our wishes; worrying just creates more doctor's bills
5 - HELP - learn to ask for it and accept it (see #3)

Of course, it's only January 2, but I'm hoping to have a good report in a few months.

Happy New Year's to everyone!!!

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