Date Nights

Something Mike and I didn't focus on very much after Abby was born - each other. It's not that we intentionally dismissed each other, but we put so much time and energy into Abby...there wasn't much left for anything (or anyone) else. We both agreed that this was something that needed to change. We also agreed that we couldn't afford a babysitter every Friday or Saturday night (and Abby probably wouldn't like that either). We decided to make Wednesday evenings our 'Date Night' because Abby attends a church program (AWANA) on Wednesday evenings.

Doing this required stepping down as the secretary for the AWANA group I volunteered with. (My work schedule change also made stepping down necessary.) As much as I enjoyed volunteering and working with the kids and leaders, I really wanted to make the effort to put my marriage first. We're only 2 weeks into this semester of AWANA, but the last two Wednesdays have been very nice. It gives me something new to look forward to each week. We take turns planning the events for the evening (we only get 90 minutes, so it limits the options). We are afforded time to talk about all those things we don't want Abby to overhear and we get to be grown-ups. (I think it's safe to assume that there will be no chicken nuggets on any of our date nights.)

I think Mike is enjoying our date nights too. He commented last night how sad it was to realize our date nights will go on hiatus from May through September. I chuckled and thought that was a really sweet comment. It's nice knowing that he enjoys those precious bits of time with me.

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