I never thought I would put so much thought and effort into school for my child(ren). Abby will be 5 in March and is scheduled to begin kindergarten in the 2009-2010 school year. Of course, living in Raleigh means we have to deal with the Wake County Public School System. WCPSS = headache! I honestly think it's too big for it's own good.

In the last few months, they have released a 3 year re-assignment plan and re-released it again this weekend with new changes. Admittedly, I prefer the new changes because it gives Abby the opportunity to attend a traditional calendar school in close proximity to my office. But, the whole process is really messy. Her base school is year-round. We have to register there, then apply to be moved to the traditional school. We should know by mid-March where she will actually be attending school in the summer/fall. It's very frustrating for parents who have to play beat the clock to lock-in childcare for track-out times (year-round) or summer camps to finish out the summer before traditional calendar starts.

I think Mike and I are very blessed to have Abby. She's a very bright child with a wonderful temperment (a little strong-willed, but that's not all bad). I'm certain that she will thrive at any school she attends, but I'd like it to be nearby. It's comforting knowing that I would only have to drive about 5 minutes to pick her up in case of an emergency...and Mike would only be about 20 minutes away. There's comfort in that. Also, I'd prefer that she attend a school with a good track record and good scores. What parent wouldn't? I am thankful that both the traditional and year-round schools we are districted for are ranked fairly well and have above average parent involvement. That always makes a big difference.

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Leslie Jackson said...

Hey Girl!

Trust me... I put that much thought in to Chasity's school because I work for the school system. But in Cabarrus County, they wouldn't release her from one school so that she could attend another. Because the school she is assigned to hasn't met its goals/AYP/ABC in 3 years now, the state requires that they give me options. The "options" were to bus my child across town on a big cheese machine for 1.5 hours ONE WAY! I wouldn't (didn't) accept that. However... we are at the school is assigned to. She is doing really well. I just hope it continues or Cab Co will have to deal with me (and my daddy--lol)!!

Glad to hear that you are getting better!


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