I Need Some Calgon

Scenario - You're at work. A co-worker has a sign posted in the entrance to their work area that reads, "Please Do Not Disturb; Requirements/Testing In Progress." Do you merely walk past, acknowledging the sign to yourself or do you take the time to make a quick comment to your co-worker about the sign? Based on my personal observations, most people will stop to make a comment or two...each time they walk past in some cases.

Having been out of work (due to my illness or Abby's) nearly seven days in the past 6 weeks, I'm behind on a number of things. In an effort to assist me, my supervisor was nice enough to post the sign on my cube yesterday. She had noticed that I had a number of visitors on any given day. Some are work-related, but even those tend to hang around long enough to eventually become unrelated to work. Too bad the sign seems to have had the opposite effect.

I'll be happy when this stage of my current project is over. It's like I was told that I would be going on a trip to the Bahamas and ended up in Siberia. I feel like I'm wandering aimlessly through a blinding snowstorm in a swimsuit...can't see where I am going, can't see where I've been and I'm totally unprepared. The lack of vision isn't the most frustrating for me. Feeling unprepared is much worse. By nature, I'm have an anal personality. Really, ask anyone who knows me. Anal to the point of liking to plan everything I possibly can...everything. I'm learning that all the planning in the world just doesn't work in some cases. Maybe this is God's way of telling me to stop trying to plan and prepare for every little thing because I can't control everyone and everything else.

"Calgon, take me away."

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hmm...i didn't hang around too long.

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