Quick Thoughts on Election Night

First - working the precinct in a fire station has it's benefits...lots of eye candy
Second - people suggest that the media influences the general public. If that were the case, I wouldn't have had to explain straight party voting all day long.
Third - I need to find friends to deliver food and news to me throughout the day. It sucks eating "lunchbox" food all day long.
Fourth - it's fun to see the election results for your own precinct as soon as the polls close
Fifth - 5:50am - 8:00pm is a really, really long time
Sixth - nice to see the rain finally letup around 7:28pm
Seventh - wish I had known about all the freebies today...I could have gone for a donut, coffee and ice cream

That's all for now. I'm exhausted and I have to work tomorrow for 4 hours. I think 5:30am will come way too early.

I promise I will write more tomorrow afternoon. I have so many things to share.

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