A Challenge

Yesterday marked a historic end to a long campaign. Whether you agree with the outcome or not, you're probably glad it's over.

I spent the entire day working at my local precinct as a representative of the Wake County Board of Elections. When I originally signed up for this gig, I thought I was merely volunteering. That's right. I was totally willing to give up the entire day to be an even greater part of the process. It was weeks later that I found out they actually pay you for that stuff (the training too).

In my precinct, we had thirteen workers. Of them, 1 student, 3 under 40 and the rest were of retirement age. Each of the retirees commented on how nice it was to have younger folks working too. Apparently, we are a rare breed.

I challenge everyone, regardless of party affiliation, to make the effort over the next few years to seek out your local board of elections and sign-up to work the primary or election. The experience is very fulfilling and I honestly wish I had started doing it long ago.

(I promised I would write more about yesterday...but Abby is sick and I'm focusing on her. When I have a good block of free time, I'll share more.)

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