Not Just for Kids Anymore

Apparently, we adults can get ear infections too. And, I waited too long to visit the doctor with the sinus infection. Really, I just couldn't seem to find the time.

It was sad when the doctor asked me if my ear hurt today and I said no. She thought it was odd because I had a terrible ear infection on top of the sinus infection. Looks like sinus beats ear. I just know my whole face hurts. I wasn't trying to narrow it down to a particular area.

Of course, I hated even sitting in the waiting area. I could almost feel myself getting sicker just seeing all those 'sick' people. Admittedly, I hate taking Abby to the doctor when we have to wait more than 2 minutes, because I'm always worried we're going to leave with something worse than we came with. Honestly, she has gotten sick the week after her well-child visit every year...that's 3 years in a row!

But, I was able to suffer through while reading my newest guilty pleasure, Twilight. I thought Harry Potter (the entire series) was going to be my only venture into Young Adult literature. I was wrong. I'm now hooked and looking forward to reading the next book in the series.


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ooohh i'm on book 4 of twilight! sooo addictive!

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