Mom is always right (well, almost)

Abby and I had a disagreement this morning. She refused to listen when I told her she needed to wear pants and long sleeves. Instead, she insisted that she would be fine in shorts. I knew better, but couldn't convince her before we needed to leave for school.

If anyone had watched me dropping her off this morning, they would have accused me of child neglect. You should have seen into school in khaki shorts and a short sleeve shirt. (She did have on her coat, but the shorts would leave any sane person speechless.)

Secretly, I knew she had 2 changes of clothes at school...both included pants. When I picked her up this afternoon, she was wearing a pair of jeans. First thing out of her mouth? "Mommy, you were right. You know everything." Playing dumb, I asked her what she was talking about. She told me it was too cold to go outside this afternoon so she asked her teacher if she could change clothes.

Tonight, when we arrived home, she promptly went upstairs and set out her clothes for tomorrow - jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. Go figure.


mell said...

At least she doesn't continue to be stubborn after she's been proven wrong.

beemer08 said...

Love this! Try going through it with a 12 year old!! My step daughter and I fought daily about this until I decided it was time to let her learn on her own! Luckily, you have one old enough to love the fact you "know everything". Victoria is at the age where I am a moron no matter how much I "know" and she would never be caught telling me that I was actually right!

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