Makings of a Good Week

Back in June, I participated in the Race of the Cure. Following the race, I stopped by one of the many vendor booths and purchased a 'Save the Ta-Tas' shirt. On Monday, I was wearing the shirt around the house. Abby, recently inquisitive about how words are spelled, asked was ta-tas spelled. I answered her, but didn't go into it further. Deep down, I knew she wasn't going to let me off that easy.

She pondered for a moment and then asked, 'What's a ta-ta?' I had promised myself long ago that I was going to be honest with my kid(s) and use the right words for things like that whenever possible. Abby can really challenge my parenting skills. I wasn't prepared to deal with this at four!

I decided to read her the entire phrase. We talked about breast cancer at a four-year-old level. Then I explained that 'Save the Ta-tas' was another way to say 'Fight Breast Cancer!' She was ok with that explanation. Later on, she asked me if people always win when they wrestle breast cancer. Admittedly, I needed a little explanation this time. She went on to tell me that wrestling was fighting...she just figured if they want to fight breast cancer, wrestling would be the obvious choice. I told her sometimes people win and sometimes cancer wins, but we always pray for the people to win and maybe the doctors will find a cure.

A group of us went out for dinner at Amedeo's last night. We headed to the new Amedeo's on Falls of Neuse. Same great food...updated surroundings. It was so nice to have a relaxing dinner with friends and chat about any- and every- thing.

It's already 10am and I've only got 90 minutes left of work for today. I love alternate work schedules.

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mell said...

You should get a pint-sized "Save the ta-ta-s" T-shirt for Abby. I wonder if Sunshine would still find it offensive. If Abby's smart enough to support it, then it can't be obscene!

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