Tired, but in a good way

This was the third Busch Gardens trip in 3 months. I definitely got my money's worth out of the season pass. I was a little worried about the weather forecast this weekend, but it worked out for the best. We arrived Saturday as the park opened (10am) and applied the sunscreen. It was hot, but not as oppressive as I had expected. The lines were surprisingly short, probably because it was so hot. No one wanted to venture out. We ducked out around 2pm and headed to lunch and the hotel. After some much needed showers and a quick rest, we headed back out around 6pm. It was definitely cooler and there were even fewer people at many of the rides. We stayed until closing and headed back for dinner, showers and a nice cold bed.

This morning, we stopped for breakfast on the way to the park. Cracker Barrel...yummy, but no where near heart healthy. It seemed much ickier today. I think the humidity was higher. The lines were even shorter today...Sundays are always best. We made our departure around 2:30pm. I think we were all bored at that point. Well, bored, hot, tired, etc.

We all had a great time and I am looking forward to going back - in October! When I can wear jeans and long sleeves. And, hopefully I won't have to worry about seeing other people's cracks come October either. Sometimes, I wonder what people are thinking when they get dressed in the morning. Then, I wonder why none of their friends help them out. Seriously?! There are some body parts that should remain hidden in public. ALWAYS!

Of course, the trip wasn't complete without a stop for gifts. I knew Abby would be thrilled if I returned with something just for her. The kid got really lucky this time. I just happened to find a number of things that were perfect for her. Of course, her favorite was the little animals (plastic). Mellanie, Daniel and Seth helped me pick out some little creatures for her and she was taken with them immediately. Instantly, she wanted to know who picked out what. I have a feeling she will commit that to memory and remind everyone of that later on. She even wanted to sleep with the penguin tonight. Keep in mind, the penguin isn't more than 2-3 inches tall. Not what I would consider a snuggly critter.

Now that I am home, my true exhaustion has finally hit. I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow. I'd really like another day or so to just hang out and do nothing. But, that will come eventually. For now, I just have to get a lot of rest this week to get ready for the Race for the Cure on Saturday. I have a feeling it's going to be really hot again! Wish me luck.

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