Save the ta-tas

This should be short...I am heading to bed early, since I need to be at Meredith College before by 7am tomorrow. That means I have to get up, shower, eat, and leave the house by 6am ('cause I have to take a shuttle with hundreds of other people). I am looking forward to the Race, even though I won't actually be racing. Matter of fact, I will probably be walk/jogging the entire way. What can I say...I don't think I could actually run a 5k. Hopefully I'll be able to run the entire thing next year.

Recently, I was discussing the "Save the ta-tas" campaign with someone. Basically, she said she found the campaign offensive. She didn't actually use the word offensive (because she has told me in the past that she doesn't get offended). But, it was something like obscene...which is a synonym for offensive. You say poe-tay-toe, I say pah-tah-toe. Whatever! I asked her why she found it "obscene" and she said she considered "ta-tas" to be like a curse word. I thought that was interesting. I never thought of it like that. I guess I could think of so many other words for breasts that seem more obscene to me. I won't bore you, or offend you, with the words I could think of, but I'm sure you could come up with a few doosies on your own. (That's right, see, I can already sense what you're thinking.)

Anyway, she suggested it was like making the campaign for colon cancer something like "Save your ass!" I gotta admit, I thought that would actually be funny. But, I do think more people consider "ass" a curse word over ta-tas. Maybe I am just that open-minded? Nah. But, thinking about it a little more, I did think of a better campaign - Up know, to remind people to get a colonoscopy. By the way, I am NOT poking fun at colon cancer or colonoscopies. I know a number of people who have suffered that indignity and I respect the fact that they are taking precautions that could save their lives.

Ok, maybe it wasn't as short as I thought it would be, but you have to admit. You chuckled at least once while reading this, didn't you?!

My ta-tas and I are going to bed now.


mell said...
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mell said...

Is Sunshine offended by "ta-tas"? I think "Up Yours" is hilarious! Hmm...guess you, Daniel, and I actually have functioning senses of humor.

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