I'm actually proud of myself for how far I have come in the last regards to my lifestyle. Eating healthier and working out on a regular basis. My next goal - learning to run. I know, that sounds silly. Everyone knows how to run. But I don't mean running from a viscious dog or a mugger, I mean long distance running for exercise. Having suffered from asthma since I was a young kid, I always stayed away from anything that involved running. Basically, I have trouble getting enough air in my lungs and running just makes it worse, much worse. But, I think I should give it a try now. I figure I could always carry an inhaler with me and never run anywhere terribly remote. That way, if something bad does happen, somebody might have pity on me and call someone for help.

I started today by just running 2 mins followed by a minute of walking on the treadmill at the Y. My goal was 3 sets. I made it through 2.5 before my lungs decided it was time to stop. (Definitely need to talk to the doctor about getting a trusty inhaler!) I was happy with the short amount of time I spent on it today. I have no doubt that I wouldn't have made it 2 mins a year ago.

Hopefully, when I participate in the Race for the Cure in June, I can run at least part of it. I'm only doing it for fun, so there's not really any pressure, but I think it would make me feel somewhat accomplished if I could run at least part of it.

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