May...the time of year when little girls have their dance and gymnastics recitals. Since we had so much drama in our lives this time last year, Abby didn't get to participate in any recitals. Luckily, she didn't know what she was missing at the time. But, this year is a different story.

On Wednesday, Abby had her gymnastics recital. She was so excited. Every week for the past month or so, she would constantly remind me about it. I wanted her to feel special at the recital, so I came bearing a bouquet of sunflowers. Maybe bouquet is an exaggeration. It was a bundle of three. Anyway, she was quite surprised when she saw them and told me later that evening that she did feel special because she was the only one whose mommy brought her flowers. That melted my heart. The recital/program was cute. The kids got to show their skills on high bar, balance beam and tumbling. When I saw how much Abby really enjoyed it, I made up my mind that I was going to need to enroll her in a real gymnastics class after this.

Later Wednesday night, Abby had a program at church, marking the end of Cubbies in AWANA. I had invited her dad previously and he was able to attend. She was thrilled that he could be there for that too.

Finally, on Friday - the dance recital. Picture it...30 little girls (2-5 years old) dressed in pink tights, pink tutu with silver trim, pink leotard and silver crown. Add pink ballet slippers and black tap was absolutely adorable. I know Abby was thrilled that everyone seemed to be there - Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Nana, Miss Mellanie and Mr. Daniel. Abby knew everyone but Mr. D would be there. Honestly, I didn't know he was coming, so I told her he wasn't. When she saw him, she made this "I told you so" face and said, "I knew he was going to be here." When recital started, Abby came in holding one of her best friends hands, Camryn. At one point in the program, Camryn was upset by another student and started to cry. Without missing a beat, Abby reached her arm around Camryn to give her a hug. She didn't stop until Camryn's mom picked Camryn up to comfort her. The whole thing was really sweet. I really do have a compassionate little girl. At the end of the recital, all the moms and dads were taking pictures of the girls as a group. Leave it to Abby..."Everyone is going to have a picture of me." With a straight face no less. Can you say HAM!

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