Making Happy Memories

On Facebook, I recently updated my tag line or whatever you call it to something about needing to take more pictures. This, of course, is very true. But, I think I also need to be in more pictures too. I have been successful in avoiding having my picture taken on most occasions over the past 11 years or so. I used to blame it on not looking good in pictures. Thinking about it more carefully now, I think it would be more accurate to say that I just wasn't happy with my life and the pictures just reminded me of that (plus, I just didn't look happy in the pics).

A co-worker stopped by my desk today and noticed a picture turned around backwards. She asked why it was turned around. Mellanie happened to be there...and she knew the answer. I handed the pic over and told her it was my motivation pic. The surprise on her face was priceless. She asked when the pic was taken and I was able to tell her the date - Feb 2007 (not much more than a year ago). She was surprised because of how different I looked in that picture. First, I was close to 70 lbs heavier (no point in fibbing about that). Second, I was in a horrible marriage and completely miserable. Third, I was pissed that the picture was being taken and why I was "dressed up" in the first place (I guess that is partially related to #2, but deserves it's own number). My co-worker (who I have worked with for over 4 years) said she didn't realize I had ever really looked like that. I completely understand that. I look in the mirror everyday and don't really notice much of a change. Of course, the piles of clothes that have been sent to Goodwill are proof enough.

I did ask Mellanie later if she thought I looked "that" different from back then and she was like, DUH! Admittedly, I did sneak into the bathroom later on with the pic in see the comparison for myself. You know what...she was right. I do look like a completely different person. A big part of that is the weight loss, but I think another huge part (no pun intended) is that I am happy with my life.

So, I have a new goal. I am going to start making happy memories in the form of pictures. Pictures with friends and family. I don't care how trivial the event may be, I want pictures dammit! So, be warned. I'm going to start packing a camera and I know how to use it.

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another member joins the paparazzi!

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