Because She's a Woman?!?!?!

First, I proudly support Obama for President. Second, I strongly oppose Hillary. Obviously, everyone has their own personal reasons for their candidate preferences. I'm not going to try to convince you one way or the other right now.

But, I have to say, Hillary really should find some new volunteers to help with her campaign if she wants to get elected. I just got a phone know the kind...a few days before the primary...need I say more?

Anyway, a female volunteer identified herself as a Hillary supporter who was calling to remind me of the primary. Politely, I told her that I did plan on voting (if you know me, you know there is no question of IF). She then asked if I would be supporting Hillary. Again, politely, I told her no. (The politeness stems from a few things...I am southern and we tend to be more polite than most; I used to campaign for candidates and make those phone calls; She's just doing what she believes in.)

Her first response - but don't you realize that Hillary has a better healthcare position than McCain? I told her that healthcare isn't one of the hot issues for me this year. Also, that if I had to pick right now between Hillary and McCain, I would have to seriously think about that and would probably lean toward McCain. Her follow-up - you mean you would rather elect a man than a woman president? I think if I had looked in the mirror right then, I would have seen my jaw drop about 3 inches! I couldn't believe THAT was her argument. I told her that I really don't care if the president is a man or woman. I care that he or she is able to perform the duties of the job effectively and for the good of the country as a whole. And, if the only reason I should vote for Hillary is her gender, then I need to do more research about the candidates and actually make an informed decision.

Please vote on Tuesday. Even if the candidate you choose doesn't win, take pride in the fact that you participated in the process. And if you don't vote, don't complain about the elected officials once they take office in January 2009.

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