You read about all kinds of things in the news...and you probably breath a sigh of relief...realizing that stuff like that won't happen to you.

I do that too. But, being a product of our society, I always check to see if I know the people in the news. I'm sure you know what I mean. A few examples: accident closes beltline for hours (you check to see if you know anyone involved), local teacher fired, local man accused of child exploitation. You get the idea.

This morning, while reading the local news channel's website, I stumbled upon an article about a man who was charged with child exploitation, apparently because he had a picture of child pornography on his work computer. Upon looking at the picture, I thought he looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. After asking a friend, I realized that although I don't personally know him, I did recognize him.

Now, first, let me say that I am not passing judgement. I have no idea the circumstances surrounding the incident. But, it is unnerving to even recognize someone accused of something like that.

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