Oh, how I missed you

We've become such good friends over the past 3 or 4 months...spending time with each other almost every single day. It didn't matter how busy I was, I seemed to make time for you. But, I guess I needed a little break to realize how much I really enjoyed your company. Without you over the past week or so, I haven't slept very well. Hopefully, tonight will be different. Sweat...oh, how I missed you.

"Gross," you say? Not really. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed working out until I missed an entire week of it. Jokingly, I have mentioned that I was addicted in the past. Apparently, I wasn't too far off. I spent over 3 hours at the gym today and I only left because they were closing soon and the timing worked out well (half-time of the Davidson game - I could get home before the 2nd half started). I'm already looking to being back at 5:45 tomorrow morning. Anyone want to join me?

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