Let me save you a few thumbstrokes...

Forwarded text messages...you know what I am talking about...the totem crap, good luck texts that have traveled around the world. Need I go on? It's bad enough I get this stuff in my email, but must I have to pay for them on my cell? Maybe I am the only person on the face of the earth who doesn't have unlimited everything on my phone, but I would prefer to save my incoming texts for actual messages that have some significance to me personally.

Ah, it felt good to get that off my chest. One exception - a quick text following any game that Duke loses. It's is totally acceptable to forward the congratulations of any team that beats Duke. And, of course, in the off chance that State wins a game in the future, those forwards are also acceptable. I would say forwards for Carolina's loss would be acceptable, but they haven't lost in a while.

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mell said...

and i hope it's a LONG while before they lose again!

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